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KNF-Seaborg-GS E&C signs Agreement 


Feasibility study on nuclear fuel salt production

From the left: Mr. Kim (CTO of GS E&C), Mr. Choi (CEO of KNF) and Mr. Kang (MD Seaborg Korea)

From the left: Mr. Kim (CTO of GS E&C), Mr. Choi (CEO of KNF) and Mr. Kang (MD Seaborg Korea)

On March 6th, 2024, at the GS E&C main office in Seoul, KEPCO Nuclear Fuel (KNF), GS Engineering & Construction, and Seaborg, signed an agreement for the feasibility study of CMSR nuclear fuel production development. This agreement follows the MOU for CMSR Nuclear Fuel Production between KNF, Seaborg, and GS E&C, which was signed last June.


Seaborg Technologies, based in Denmark, is developing CMSR, which utilizes Molten Uranium Fluoride Salt as both fuel and coolant. This design allows for the operation of 2-8 reactors installed on a CMSR power barge.


This agreement will facilitate a joint feasibility study, enabling all parties to determine the project's scope and timeline for establishing fuel salt production in accordance with their respective roles and collaborative endeavors.


CEO Choi stated, "KNF possesses unique technology, enabling us to access future-growth technologies and pave the way for market expansion into Europe. Moving forward, we are committed to advancing nuclear fuel technology through ongoing research and development, while expanding our presence in international markets. Our ultimate goal is to establish ourselves as a prominent global player in the nuclear fuel industry, fostering future growth and innovation."


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