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Seaborg Technologies

Rethinking nuclear

Seaborg Technologies was founded in Copenhagen in 2014 by a group of physicists who wanted to curb CO2 emissions and put an end to energy poverty. Since the outset, Seaborg Technologies has worked on commercializing a Molten Salt Reactor because of its compelling safety profile and technical opportunities. 


In the early years, a primary area of research and development was material corrosion control to find ways to contain the molten salt within for the operational life of the reactor. As the product development efforts have grown more complex and the point of commercialization is getting closer Seaborg Technologies has grown to also encompass those focus areas.  


Today we employ around 100 people and are set on rolling out our Compact Molten Salt Reactors to the global market deploying them on barge structures to reap the cost, time, and reliability benefits of shipyard production.


This way we mean to provide clean and reliable energy where it is most needed. 

Who we are

We take pride in what we do, which is reflected in the very high quality of our technical development but also in our identity.



Our value is in our people.

No one can build a reactor alone.


Think, but don't hesitate to act.

The Exec Team

Seaborg Korea

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