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Nuclear now part of the EU Green Taxonomy

Today, the European Parliament listened to science and facts and voted YES to label nuclear energy investments as green. Science is clear and undisputed: nuclear power production is in line with the Do No Significant Harm Principle and does not emit CO2 (EU - Joint Research Center, March 2021), and yes, nuclear must play an essential role in achieving net-zero (IEA, June 2022). In fact, in many places around the world, net-zero will not be possible without nuclear, and therefore it is encouraging that the EU today sent a strong signal to include nuclear as a part of the climate toolbox.


“We believe this will be of great importance for our efforts here at Seaborg, where we are re-thinking nuclear by developing next-generation inexpensive, safe, and scalable nuclear reactors to be installed on turnkey power barges for global deployment,” says Troels Schønfeldt, CEO and co-founder of Seaborg.


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