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Fission-to-X: Flexibility, Affordability, and Grid Stability with Power-to-X and New Nuclear Technology

Topsoe and Seaborg have co-written a whitepaper on how the CMSR Power Barge can power PtX facilities for efuels production

There is not just one path away from fossil-based energy fuels. To achieve the scale needed for a global energy transition, we need all possible alternatives to current energy sources and each separate country will have to choose the combination that best fits their particular circumstances surrounding the geographical location, population, industry requirements etc. 


Seaborg's 4th generation CMSR Power Barge is one of the solutions that could help decarbonize the most energy intense industries.

Together with Topsoe, we have prepared a #whitepaper describing the potential and financial implications of using the CMSR Power Barge solution to power a PtX facility (ammonia and methanol production) including optional back-up power to be supplied directly to the grid.


We’re eager to collaborate with visionary partners determined to pioneer profitable Power-to-X projects, expediting our collective journey from fossil fuels to a net-zero future. If you find our observations of relevance, do not hesitate to reach out and we can jointly explore how this solution could be considered for your particular circumstances. 

Read the whitepaper (pdf)


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