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New CEO for Seaborg, former CEO remains on Board of Directors

Troels Schønfeldt, founding CEO of Seaborg, has decided to pass the baton as CEO of Seaborg to the Chairman of the Board, Navid Samandari, who will serve as interim CEO. Mr. Schønfeldt will remain on the Board and in the future focus on long term strategy and development. An international executive search company has been hired to assist in finding the future permanent CEO of the company.

Rendition of the CMSR Power Barge installed near shore in a green and mountainous location

Troels Schønfeldt says:

“It has been ten years since we took the first steps to bring an innovative, ground-breaking next generation nuclear power reactor to life. Those ten years have been the most challenging and amazing years of my life. I had to call a friend to find out what a CEO actually is supposed to do when I took the decision of becoming head of our company, founded together with five friends and very clever colleagues. As a physicist from Niels Bohr Institute with a PhD in neutron physics I didn’t take much training in running and growing a company but together we have come such a long way, from just me employed for the first two years to around 130 FTEs now, including 30 FTEs in our sister company Hyme. I look very much forward to be able to focus on the bigger picture, come up with new ideas, and help spread the word of the next generation of nuclear power.” 


Troels Schønfeldt will remain fully dedicated in the company, including as a board member and main shareholder of the group, Seasalt, comprising Seaborg and the energy storage spin-out Hyme Energy.


Navid Samandari will take the interim CEO position and lead the company forward. Mr. Samandari is a co-founder of Seaborg and has been working full-time as executive chairman. He has a background as entrepreneur, originally a programmer, and angel investor and he has launched, failed, and exited several companies, and knows the ups and downs of startups and what it takes to professionalize and continuously prepare for the future.


Navid Samandari says:

“Seaborg would not have existed nor been where we are today had it not been for the sheer enthusiasm, energy, entrepreneurship and dogged determination of Troels. He had the spirit to insist on innovation, hiring the best staff from around the world and led the team through iteration after iteration of what is now the concept of our Compact Molten Salt Reactor, a unique solution for a clean, safe, stable and affordable energy solution. The dedication and the strong culture within Seaborg is a testimony to Troels’s amazing skills as an inspiring and admirable inventor. I look forward to another ten years together with him in Seaborg, now in a different role.”


“We are now in a great position to take the next steps and grow the company even more to deliver our product to the world. I’m very happy and honored to be at the helm for some of those steps. We are having great conversations with investors for the next rounds of financing and the markets across the globe show a lot interest in our future product.”


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