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Seaborg signs MOU with South Korean nuclear regulatory consulting company BEES

BEES and Seaborg sign MOU to identify and fulfill Korean regulatory requirements for global export of fully tested floating nuclear power plants, based on Seaborg’s CMSR.

Photo of the CEOs and other representatives of Seaborg and Bees holding the signed MOU agreement

Best Engineering in Energy Solutions (BEES) and Seaborg today announced signing a MOU to identify Korean regulators' and authorities' requirements to be able to export fully tested floating nuclear power plants, based on Seaborg’s inherently safe Compact Molten Salt Reactor (CMSR) to any country in the world.


In the fight against climate change and poverty, efficient production of floating nuclear power plants by Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) is a major step towards clean and safe energy. To achieve this, all legislation and approvals need to be established, both in Korea and the host country.


Korea has some of the world’s best nuclear industries and expertise, so the foundation is in place, and it is our expectation that political support will be established to support this. It has the potential for Korea to be a major player in the future energy supply, creating a bright future for Denmark, Korea and globally.


The MOU was signed by Mr. Younwon Park, CEO of BEES, and Mr. Troels Schønfeldt, co-founder and CEO of Seaborg.


“There is a new wave blowing in the nuclear industry worldwide. From the perspective of large-scale nuclear power plants, the wave blows toward advanced reactors, putting us in a challenging environment where traditional methods can't be the solving key. Korea also needs to take on this challenge, and Seaborg's goal would make an outstanding contribution as a starting point for Korea. Seaborg is extraordinary in advanced nuclear reactor designs, and we are honored to participate in such a move. BEES will fully support Seaborg in obtaining approvals in Korea”, says Younwon Park, CEO of BEES.


“We are honoured to have signed this MOU with BEES, which marks another milestone in obtaining our goal of supplying abundant, affordable, and clean energy to the world, based on our inherently safe CMSR Power Barge. BEES has extensive experience in traditional legislation, so we are pleased that BEES will work together with Seaborg in linking the maritime legislation to the traditional shore-based nuclear legislation. We are fully committed to work with all stakeholders in Korea to achieve this”, says Troels Schønfeldt, CEO and co-founder of Seaborg.

Rendition of the CMSR Power Barge installed near shore in a green and mountainous location

About the CMSR Power Barge

The floating nuclear power plant comes as a turn-key product, ready to be moored at an industrial harbor. In the harbor, a transmission cable will be connected from the barge to the electric grid on shore. An optional solution is to place a hydrogen or ammonia production plant next to the nuclear power barge utilizing the CO2-free fission energy from the barge to produce hydrogen and ammonia. 

The Power Barge design is modular delivering up to 800 MW-electric for the 24-year lifetime. The CMSR Power Barge is cost competitive whether it plugs into the grid in an existing coal port or power production of hydrogen and ammonia.

About BEES

BEES is conducting safety-oriented technology development and consulting projects in the nuclear and energy areas to minimize CO2 emissions in line with efforts to implement a zero-carbon society by 2050 and overcome the climate crisis.

BEES focuses on four major competencies: nuclear safety, radiological emergency response, new technology development, and metal additive manufacturing using 3D printing.

Especially, fully expertized advisory team in the fields of nuclear operations, design, and regulations allows the company to conduct nuclear safety technology; nuclear safety regulatory R&D, development of regulatory inspection system, PSR assessment, nuclear power plants safety culture investigation, resolutions of safety issues, etc.

More info:

About Seaborg Technologies ApS

Seaborg Technologies is a Danish nuclear reactor company on a mission to create a reliable, clean, and safe energy technology that can out-compete fossil fuels and revolutionize energy markets.

The company is developing an inherently safe generation IV nuclear Compact Molten Salt Reactor (CMSR) with an essential proprietary moderator. With its uranium-based fluoride fuel salt, the CMSR has several prominent features; it cannot melt down or explode, it cannot release radioactive gases to air or water, and it cannot be used for nuclear weapons.

The CMSR will be installed on modular Power Barges, providing clean and affordable energy worldwide. The Power Barge design is modular delivering up to 800 MW-electric for the 24-year lifetime. The CMSR Power Barge is cost competitive whether it plugs into the grid in an existing coal port or powers production of hydrogen and ammonia.


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