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Internships at Seaborg

Join us on our mission to become a game changer in the energy sector! 

Are you a student in the fields of chemistry, engineering, physics or business?

At Seaborg, we accept applications for interns throughout the year. We welcome students keen to work in a dynamic environment who can play well in a team and also work independently.

We are looking for interns who can stay for at least three months and are at least in the third year of their studies.

During your stay, you will be working on a project, and we will make sure to match your and Seaborg’s interests as best as we can. 


You will become part of a young and fast-growing company with an international team, a varied social calendar (e.g., board-game nights, sports groups, Friday bars), a modern office space, and a flat social hierarchy.

We only accept applications sent through the form below

We are lucky to receive an overwhelming number of requests, and we only have capacity to process the ones that come through this form. This means that if you send us a message in any other way, we might not see it. We do, however,  consider all applications and will get back to you if we see a fit, so that you can send us your CV, but bear in mind that it might take a couple of weeks until we get back to you. 

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