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Call for co-development partners

Sustainable and competitive nuclear power

At Seaborg we believe that co-development is key to unlocking new frontiers of nuclear power, and we're excited to work with partner companies who share this belief.


Recently we have established collaboration agreements with reputable Korean shipyard and operations companies representing a world leading combination of skills to bring affordable, safe, and scalable advanced nuclear to the global market. This collaboration will accelerate the development of energy projects for the Power Barge and we would like to welcome like-minded and qualified partner companies to join the journey as co-developers.

If your company is experienced in developing infrastructure projects and has the skills and expertise to contribute to our project development efforts, we want to partner with you! We're seeking partner companies who share our commitment to the green energy transition, innovation, and collaboration to join us in co-creating groundbreaking energy projects. 


To express your interest in co-developing energy projects with us, please send us an email and include a brief description of your company, your relevant experience and expertise in project development, and a statement of interest outlining the type of project you would like to co-create. 

Reach out on

Jonas Stampe

Chief Business Officer

Seaborg Technologies

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