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Nordic co-operation for implementing advanced nuclear power in Norway

Norsk Kjernekraft AS ("Norwegian Nuclear Power") and Seaborg ApS ("Seaborg") have signed a letter of intent to investigate the possibilities of establishing Seaborg's molten salt reactor in Norway.

Seaborg Norsk Kjernekraft MOU_edited.jpg

Recently, Seaborg has made significant progress in the development and commercialization of its technology, including entering into agreements on the construction of power plants and fuel development in Asia. There, the company aims to complete its first power plant by the end of this decade. Norwegian Nuclear Power will participate in this development, with the goal of introducing the technology in Norway. 

Initially, Norwegian Nuclear Power will establish small modular reactors based on conventional technology, in order to relieve the increasingly demanding energy situation as quickly as possible. At the same time, the company is also looking even further ahead, where Seaborg's advanced technology will play a very important role in the emission-free energy mix of the future, particularly with respect to industries that are difficult to decarbonize through electrification. 

CEO and Chairman of the Board of Norwegian Nuclear Power states: "In order to address the wide variety of challenges that Norwegian industry is confronted with in the transition to a low-carbon society, we also need a broad portfolio of energy technologies. The technology of our Danish partners will play a significant role here, and there are numerous indications that Seaborg's technology will come sooner than many had imagined. Therefore, we are already considering how this technology can best be introduced in Norway. The agreement between the two innovative companies is historic and shows how Nordic cooperation is constantly evolving."

CEO of Seaborg, Navid Samandari says: “Norsk Kjernekraft is taking a leading role in the promotion and build-out of nuclear energy in Norway, and we are very excited to work with them. On top, we see new nuclear as a great addition to the Norwegian energy mix, supplementing hydro and other renewable sources in transforming the future of energy in Norway, setting a great Scandinavian example for newcomer countries to nuclear.” 

Seaborg is a Danish company developing fourth generation nuclear power plants based on molten salt reactors, which are placed on barges and can thus be placed where the power is needed. The company was founded in 2015 by, among others, Norwegian Eirik Eide Pettersen, Reactor Lead Engineer in the company. 

Norwegian Nuclear Power is a company that aims to build, own and operate small modular nuclear power plants in Norway. The company was founded to meet the rapidly increasing demand for energy solutions in Norway with both low greenhouse gas emissions and at the same time the least possible impact on the natural environment.


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